Offline Purchase

Please fill out the Form below to provide me all information to fulfill your order. I am a Professional Artist & Photographer, and need this information only to make sure I can communicate with you promptly, and deliver your order properly/on time. I respect your privacy and do not share these information with anyone for any reason. I look forward to your coming back for more or recommending my work to your friends and family members.

Caution: Please check and make sure every detail in the form is correct to enable me to fulfill your order correctly and promptly.


  • Payment methods explained: The Offline payment can be done through swiping your card on a POS machine provided by PayUMoney to Artists like me, you can swipe your card to make payment. This option is only available for those in Delhi NCR region and willing to travel to Gurgaon to swipe your cards. If you are hesitant to use online or offline payment mode through PayUMoney payment gateway or POS, you can also do a Direct NEFT wire transfer to my bank account. Fill the form properly so that I can communicate with you my Bank details.
  • Delivery Timelines:
    • Original artwork undergoes a final processing before it is packed and shipped. It takes up to 1 to 2 weeks for your order to be shipped. As soon as your artwork is shipped, I will provide you with tracking number to follow your package.
    • Giclee (Canvas Prints) takes a little longer time. It needs specialized machines for printing high quality Art on canvas. For this, I outsource printing work to third party. It takes 2 – 3 weeks for them to print and send it back to me. I do not share your contact details with printing partners as I need to receive the order and make sure it is of good quality before I can ship them to you. Expect shipping time of 3 – 4 weeks for Giclee print orders. You will receive tracking number to track your package as soon it is shipped.
  • Contacting me: You can also contact me through my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ accounts if required. Social media links to contact me is available at bottom of all pages of this website. When you contact me, you can provide me with all details required in the form above to speed up your purchase process.
  • Useful Info:
    • All my original artwork is either on Canvas Boards or Paper. The size and medium description of each artwork is mentioned in my online art store or as captions to images on my website. You can contact me if you have any doubts. Since everyone has a different choice in frames, I ship my original artwork unframed. You can get it framed as per your choice.
    • Giclee (Canvas Prints) are shipped as Rolled Canvas only. This is to reduce the cost of artwork and shipping cost. Once you receive the artwork, you will need to mount it on a canvas frame and get it framed as per your choice.