How do I Place an Order?

You can place your order in the online store (Menu link “BUY”). If you are in India and wish to buy my art, you need to pay in INR only. All International buyers will have to make the purchase in USD, you will find a link to “Buy in $” in each product available in my international store.

I sell to local customers offline as well. All you need to do is contact me through the website here, and we can fix a time to meet or talk over the phone to discuss details.

Why do some products have multiple Pricing option?

Some of the artwork I offer comes in multiple sizes. Specially the Canvas Prints of Paintings and Photography. When you select the size of prints you want, you will be displayed the price of that item in that size.

If you would like to purchase an item in multiple sizes, just select the different sizes and keep adding them to the Cart individually. There is no limit to how many items you can have in the Cart.

Where can I get a Coupon Code?

I Offer Coupon Codes to buyers individually or through promotions on my Social Media Accounts. Follow me on Social Media links at bottom of the site, and look for new offers.

Every Coupon code has a validity for expiry and number of items it can apply to. Make sure you are using a valid Coupon Code when you are finalizing your order.

Each Store has it’s own Coupon code. A Coupon code for one store will not work in the other.

If you are interested in bulk purchase, just contact me here and I will provide you a Coupon code for you.

How do I use a Coupon Code?

Coupon codes are discount codes I share with buyers individually or through promotions on my Social Media account. Coupon codes have a validity for number of items purchased or a deadline date or both. If you have a valid coupon code:

  • Go to the Online store
  • Select an Item and “Add to Cart”
  • Go to Cart
  • Enter your coupon code in the box provided and “Apply Coupon”
  • Click on “Proceed to Checkout”
  • Select your payment method
  • Make payment and get order confirmation

Can I buy the Paintings Offline?

Yes, I do offer offline sale option to the buyers. However, this option is available only to buyers in the area of Delhi NCR region. You can make payment through Bank transfer or through personal cheque of your Savings account. As soon the payment is received, I will send you the Order confirmation, and start processing your order.

Each product has it’s own Order Processing time, the details of which are available in the product description in the Online store.

Contact me here to discuss offline purchase of my artwork.

How do I pay when buying offline?

When you buy my artwork online through a personal visit, you can make the payment either via Paytm or through Netbanking Funds Transfer. I will provide the necessary details when you are ready.

Can I get Bulk Discounts?

Yes, I offer bulk discount to buyers on  individual basis as per the bulk quantity. You can Contact me to discuss your requirement, and I will provide you a Coupon code for your purchase. You can use this Coupon code in the Online Store.

Alternately, you also have the option of making the payment directly through Bank Transfer. As soon as the payment is confirmed, I will provide you the Invoice and ship your order as per the product requirements.

Each product has it’s own shipping timeline as per the Processing time required to prepare the artwork. You can find Processing and Shipping time for each product in the Product description.

How will I receive Digital Download purchase?

As soon as you make the payment and the payment gateway confirms the payment, you will receive a download link in your email to download your file. This happens almost instantly.

In case you did not receive it in your email, you can come back to the site and go to “Members” section and click on “My Orders” to get your download link. For this it is important that you register to the site when making the order. It does not take time, but saves a lot of trouble.

How will I receive Prints ordered?

I provide all Print orders in rolled form, that is both Canvas Prints and Paper Prints. This is to allow you to choose your own framing options, at same time avoid any inconvenience to you caused by receiving damaged frames in shipping.

Each Canvas print comes with a 2 inch margin for mounting on a wooden framework. You can keep it just mounted or get it framed as well. The Photo prints are always suggested to be framed inside a glassed frame, with a suitable paper margin to it. An ideal depiction of it is given in my product showcase images. You can choose to change it as per your choice.

Rolled prints also bring down the shipping cost, which makes your purchase more economical.

How will I receive Original Paintings?

I paint with Acrylic paints on Canvas board and different quality of Paper (Ivory paper, Canvas paper, etc). The paintings on paper are shipped in a flat package, which protects them from folding in transit. The package is also sealed to be waterproof for further protection.

The Canvas board paintings are wrapped properly with suitable layer upon layer of bubble wrap, along with thermocol sheet (if required) to protect the painting during shipping.

!CAUTION! Be careful while unpacking the artwork. Use scissor and/or paper knives carefully and gently, pealing off each layer of packing at a time. Do not be in a rush, your patience will ensure protection of the artwork from damage through knife and/or scissors.

Do you Frame your Original Paintings?

No, I do not frame the original paintings. Mainly because it is very subjective to each individual. What I love, might not be that attractive to you or what you had in mind when you purchased the painting.

Also, shipping a framed painting, increases the over all dimensions of the painting in HxWxL, which drastically increases the shipping cost of the artwork.

Lastly, the shipping company does not take responsibility of damage to artwork during shipping. It is very easy to damage the frame if not handled properly. A smallest chip or crack spoils the artwork. It makes us all sad.

So, even if you are willing to pay for the framing, I will still insist, you get it done personally, and be happy about your decision.

How Secure and Safe are your Payment Gateways?

I use reputed payment gateways like PayPal (USD) and PayUMoney (INR) in my online stores. These payment gateways use 128 bit encryption for your transactions through Debit/Credit/Netbanking options.

Furthermore, these payment gateways do not share with me any of your financial information. They take you away from my website to their secured servers to make the transaction. They only let me know the payment was successful or not. Any order is processed by my website, only if the payment was successful.

As soon the payment is completed by the payment gateway, you will be returned to my website with confirmation of the order on screen, and in your email inbox.


How do I track my physical order?

Once you place the order and successfully make the payment, you will be able to see the status of your order in “Members” section of the website. You will receive the Airway bill number for the courier company, to the valid email address you provided while placing the order.

How much time to receive my Order?

Every product takes it’s own time to process. Details of processing time for each product is given in the product description under “Processing Time“.

Just to give you an idea:

  • Original Paintings need to be processed with varnish quote to make it last longer and bring more color depth. This process is done in layers, and each layer can be applied only when the previous layer has dried properly. Only once it is completely dry, the painting can be packed and shipped. Please note! Shipping time is not included in Processing time.
  • Prints require special equipments for high quality output on Canvas or Paper. These are done through my partners using HP Industrial Printers. I do the quality check of prints to the best of my satisfaction before I can send it to you.
  • Downloading a digital copy is instant. You get a link to download as soon your payment is processed and approved by your Bank.

What are your Returns and Cancellation Policies?

Please go through my Terms & Conditions document to learn in detail about Returns & Cancellation Policy.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Click here to read the Terms & Conditions of my website.

What are your Privacy Policies?

Click here to read the Privacy Policy of the website.

I am an Artist, Can I sell on your website?

I understand it is a challenge for Artists to sell their Art. So, I try my best to help my friends, the best way I can. It is a collaborative effort, we both help each other out. If are not willing to collaborate, it will not work out. So, if you are still interested to sell with me, click here to learn more.

How does the Paytm payment method work online?

When you add the product to the Cart, and Checkout to make payment:

  • Select the Paytm method to make payment.
  • You will see the Paytm QR code to scan and make payment.
  • Once you make the payment, I receive the notification through my account.
  • I then manually select your order as completed
  • Instantly your Invoice and Order confirmation email is sent to you.

What if I don’t confirm?

C’mon! It’s my profession. I am interested in you recommending my work to your friends. I am interested in getting more business and making a good name for myself. So, the only reason there is a delay in confirmation, is that I am waiting for the Paytm gateway to confirm it to me. or I could be driving, or picking my kids from school, or could be in a meeting, or could be in-between painting my next masterpiece that you are going to adore! So give it a few hours, and you will see the results.

If you still don’t get the Order Confirmation after waiting for 1 day. Just WhatsApp me on my Paytm account number and I will revert to you ASAP. But before you do that, just confirm with your Paytm account if the payment was actually successful from your account or not. Don’t worry too much, I am here to help you out with your order.

My question is not listed?

Just let me know your query and I will get back to you with my response.