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I have been working with commercial buyers for some time now. Mostly my Art goes out to the Furnishing Stores in bulk in Print form. It is made available to customers as off-the-shelf Wall Decor for their homes. The variations of Decor Artwork in my portfolio in the last one year has grown tremendously. This has enabled my Retail partners to reach out to more customers having something or the other they are bound to like. Specially when they are purchasing apt furnishings for their home, it becomes easier for them to decide on wall decor instantaneously.

There are many options for you to choose from:

Increase your Revenue

There are two ways in which you can increase your revenues through my Art to your Customers:

  • As off-the-shelf ready to buy Art Prints available in your stores
  • Download the Catalogue for Original Artwork to showcase to your customer and place order with me

Please Note – Original paintings and Artwork need to be confirmed for availability with me before giving a commitment to the customers.

Maximize your Profits

There are two ways in which you can maximize your profits working with me:

  • Pick the Decor items in bulk to sell to walk-in customers, get higher discounts* on cost
  • Download Catalogue from the website and show it to customers on an iPad or a Tablet or Laptop, without investing into stocks if you have limited space in your showroom

* I offer discount slabs on 100/250/500 items, the discount amount is pre-decided between us and has to be confirmed by both in writing before it is effective. The purchase of bulk items is done with 30% advance and balance on delivery of Decor items.

Build Reputation with your Customers

Who doesn’t like that extra service, when it comes to giving the customers what they want. Give them a value added service. Offer them custom artwork of their choice. A happy customer is always the best reference to new customer, but you already know that.

Important! All Custom Art request needs to be confirmed with me before accepting an order from the customer. To avoid any ambiguity and for proper understanding of customer’s requirements, ALL Custom Art request needs to be agreed upon in writing with the customer and mutually signed between the Artist and the Customer directly.

The pricing for Artwork will be quoted only after written agreement with the Customer, defining the Scope of Work. There is no fixed cost or ball-park figure to be quoted to the customer. We can mutually agree on how to and who quotes the customer.

“I strongly value long term relationships with my clients and partners. To maintain this, I guarantee high quality of products and services to keep you and your customers satisfied”

Download Retail Catalogues

Ready to Start Selling? Proceed to Free Member section (Free) to download the Catalogues of your interest.

Download Catalogues

Please Note: Although the Member section and Catalogues are Free to download, In order to keep the catalogues in series hands, and to stop unauthorized download and misuse of catalogues, I have moved them to Members Section. All you need to do to download them is Sign-In to the website to get the Download links activated. You only need Email ID and your Full Name to register to the Free Member section.

This also allows me to monitor the person’s name and email address that downloaded the Catalogue to follow up and discuss your interest areas. It’s all serious business. No contact information is misused for any purpose other than it is intended for, i.e. connecting with you to help you enhance your portfolio and assist you in your revenue growth. Read the Privacy Policy that I strictly adhere to regarding your data.

If you like my work, and willing to enhance your Portfolio of Products & Services to be offered to your Customers, Contact Me to initiate our discussion. Write to me or provide me your contact details and I will get in touch with you.

Decor Catalogue Preview:

There are a dozen catalogues for you to choose from. Below is a sample of one of those catalogues, designed specially to showcase the artwork in a decor environment. Each catalogue has its own layout to maximise the presentation of the artwork it showcases.