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In my pursuit to contributing my artistic skills to the growth of my Decor Solutions, I am working with selective top Decor companies in India to Manufacture, Sell and Install my Designer wallpapers. These Unique, Exclusive, Customizable & Personalizable wallpapers are available exclusively through my partners, for their customers. This page is about some sample work for your preview.

What’s so special?

They are not just Designer wallpapers, they can be Customized!

That’s not all… I offer unique collection of wallpaper designs to individual Decor partners. I am not going to work with just anyone and everyone. I am very selective. What one partner offers is unique to them, and will not be available with others. Some of my partnerships began due to this very reason. Let me know if you would like to be my Decor partner, and contact me by filling out the contact form.

Points of Consideration:

  • Custom Size: The sample files are in Square shape, however, as per the wall size dimensions, they can be altered to fit perfectly on the desired wall 
  • Custom Colors: Any wallpaper design can be modified to match your decor theme colors
  • Multiple Variations: Some of the wallpapers are shown in different variations to showcase above point. So if you would like to go for same designs for different rooms, just pick a variation
  • Custom Backgrounds: Some wallpapers have background images to them, these can be altered or changed or removed as per your personal choice
  • Personalized Designs: Have your own design in mind? Discuss it with my partners or me, and I will design the wallpaper just for you
  • Alternatively: Not wanting to go for wallpaper and yet want them on your wall? Great then! I can print these designs on Canvas and Frame them to hang them on your walls as well, in desired size: Square, Landscape or Portrait

Wallpaper Previews

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