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Design Studio Collaboration

I am currently building my alliance with very select Design Studios to offer my Art as an additional source of revenue. There is a large volume of existing Artwork along with option to offer Custom Art requests to the Customers. To begin with, have a look at what is available in the portfolio for your customers as your additional Products & Services to be offered to your Customers.

Choices Available

My portfolio is expanding very fast. So much that I have stopped keeping physical catalogues to be showcased to the customers. I update my Catalogues on a weekly basis, and they are available to download from the website. Here are some choices available:

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Digital Portraits
  • Canvas print of Art in standard sizes
  • Commissioned (Customized) Art
  • Nature Photography Prints on Canvas in standard sizes
  • Custom size of canvas prints 

Increased Revenue

There are few suggested ways in which you can increase your revenues through my Art to your Customers:

  • Showcase a work or two in your Studio for walk-in Customers
  • Offer your Enhanced Portfolio of Products & Services by showing the Catalogues to customers on Laptop or iPad
  • Pick up Custom Art request from Customers and Coordinate with me for the Project.

Please take Note!

Original paintings and Artwork need to be confirmed for availability with me before giving a commitment to the customers. Just to make sure they are not Sold Out.

Decide your Own Profits

There is a simple way in which I offer profits to Design Studios I work with:

  • A Fixed commission* on Sale of Artwork to the Customer
  • Or you can choose to make your Own Profit Margins* by adding your own cost of services to Customers after you purchase the Artwork from me.

* Sales commission on sale of Art is pre-decided between us and has to be confirmed by both in writing before it is effective.

Custom Request by Customer?

Please take Note!

All Custom Art request needs to be confirmed with me before accepting an order from the customer. To avoid any ambiguity and for proper understanding of customer’s requirements, ALL Custom Art request needs to be agreed upon in writing with the customer and mutually signed between the Artist and the Customer directly.

The pricing for Artwork will be quoted only after written agreement with the Customer, defining the Scope of Work. There is no fixed cost or ball-park figure to be quoted to the customer.

“I strongly value long term relationships with my clients and partners. To maintain this, I guarantee high quality of products and services to keep you and your customers satisfied”

“Canvas Prints” – One of my most popular services 

A canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed. Canvas prints are often used in interior design, with stock images, or customised with personal photographs. Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. The canvas print material is generally cotton or plastic based poly canvas, often used for the reproduction of photographic images.

Modern large format printers are capable of printing onto canvas rolls measuring 1.5 metres (59 in) or more. Such printers allow artists and photographers to print their works directly onto canvas media, with slow print speed settings available to ensure print quality is not diminished.

Download Catalogues

Click the button below to download the catalogues.

Download Catalogues

Disclaimer: I am a professional, doing my work very professionally. My work demands that you are satisfied and come back for more. All files I offer for download are checked for virus before uploading onto my website. None of the files contain any kind of executable codes or macros or file types that may harm your system or your phone.
If you like my work, and willing to enhance your Portfolio of Products & Services to be offered to your Customers, Contact Me to initiate our discussion. Write to me or provide me your contact details and I will get in touch with you.