Canvas Prints

It is the most common technique used for printing artwork on Canvas. There are varying quality of canvas available for printing. I make sure you get the best one. So, what is Giclee prints or Canvas Prints exactly?giclee-meaning

Buying a Giclee Print from my store

This is what happens, once you place the order for canvas prints:

  • High quality Giclee prints on canvas require specialised printers, I am just an artist. As soon you place order, we request our partners to print and deliver us the prints
  • The prints are of very high quality printed on excellent quality canvas
  • It takes 1-2 weeks to get this done. As soon we receive the prints, I will ship them to you as rolled canvas
  • All prints are shipped in rolled canvas, with a margin of 2 inches on each side for you to get it mounted and framed as per your choice
  • As soon we ship it, I will share the tracking number for you to know where your painting is

Why rolled canvas only?

There are different factors that leads to the cost of the artwork:

  • Different artists use different materials and mediums for their painting
  • Every artist has their own style of painting, taking their own time to give the result that makes you want to buy their work
  • Every artists calculates the cost of their efforts in their own way, it could be time spent, cost of materials, basic hourly rates, etc, etc.
  • Different countries have different regulations regarding “wood” used for mounting or framing. Some countries are very strict about lab tests and certifications of quality of wood used. It is a time consuming and expensive process, which you eventually end up paying for as built in cost in the cost of painting.
  • A mounted or framed painting also increases the dimensions of the painting, making it more expensive to ship globally, which you end up paying for separately as well.

I would like you to enjoy the artwork at an affordable and reasonable cost. Not everyone who appreciates art can spend thousands of dollars on them. So I found a cheap and affordable way to share my art with you at a reasonable cost…

…the rolled canvas print:

  • A rolled canvas print is cheap to print, at same time, has a very small shipping size
  • Since we are selling multiple copies, I do not charge the full cost of the painting, just a small fraction as royalty fees for each print
  • you mount it and frame it as per your own liking

You must note. I do not sell copyrights of any of my paintings or photographs. Which means, even though you download a copy, buy a canvas print or the original painting, you buy just that and not the copyright. This includes, no photographing, selling, uploading, editing, modifying, copying, or sharing of the painting in any manner other than as an artwork for display for personal use. Under no circumstances the artwork or a copy of the artwork is to be used for commercial gains in any form.