Back to the Drawing Board

Hi again! As you would have noticed in the recent past, I have been occupied with my Photography last couple of months. How couldn’t I, when I got the amazing opportunity to get very up-close with some of the cutest and awesome animals around. Well, All the work is uploaded for you all to see, and now, I am back to the drawing board, literally. So what have I been doing? Let’s take a look…


When I don’t feel like messing things up with paint, I sketch. I have done some portraits in the past, since I was a kid, and I have done many animal sketches, landscape sketches, and so so much more. I used to sketch so much that I didn’t bother to keep them safe and preserved for a day like today. When I chose it to be my profession. A lot of my work has been lost to time. Some found preserved in a hidden corner of the house. It feels sad, but then, nothing can be done now. So I moved on, and started creating a new collection. Here are two of them I did recently, Darkness, and Alone respectively:


For those who have done it, will agree with me, Doodling is fun! I have been wanting to work on some for showcasing on the site for some of my clients. Eventually I got some time and mindset to sit down and finish some of these. Although, these are just few, I will keep adding more as and when I finish them. I will be creating a new section in my Gallery as “Doodles” for the same. The idea is to offer them as Murals, Wallpaper designs, or Fabric designs to some of my regular and new commercial clients/partners. Won’t say more about them, let’s just take a look. There are quiet some variations of them here:

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