Amazing Weekend Photoshoot

I got this chance to go off on an Amazing weekend photoshoot last week. It was an awesome and amazing experience. Getting to see some of the nature’s beauty for the first time in life in person. I love it when I get the chance to photoshoot the nature in closeup. You will see it for yourself in these amazing collection of mine from the weekend photoshoot.

I manage to shoot over 250+ amazing snaps during this outing. So, it will be a lot to view if I put it all in one post. So, here is what I have done. I have posted them all separately in my portfolio. Here in this post, I am giving you link to jump to my portfolio post to view the rest of the photographs from the collection.

In these 15 collections you will get to see Assorted Birds, Bushes & Trees, Chameleons, Ducks & Geese, Emu, Domestic Fowls, Garden Flowers, Garden Squirrels, Goats, Guinea Fowls, Guinea Pigs, Majestic Peacock, Pollinating Bees, Burrowing Rabbits and White Turkeys. Just click on the Images to jump to see the rest of the clicks. Don’t forget to link the posts and comment what you felt about them.

Weekend Photoshoot

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