Smoked Reality

A great thing about following your passion is, you find different ways to experiment, try new stuff and try out things you never tried before. And when you keep on at it, you start seeing things differently than others. Suddenly your eyes open up to a new world all around you. It was always there, but you never looked, you never paid attention, you were busy with your monotonous life, running after your life, your career, your responsibilities. There was never enough time… life is always too busy, too fast.

Slow down, and look around you. The world is a beautiful place out there. All you have to do is just look, and pay attention. See it, hear it, get close to it. My world has changed since I followed my passion and made it a profession. I see things that others don’t even when I point it out. I have managed to get close to the nature… and nature, now brings me peace and tranquility in my life. My world has changed.

Here, today in this post. I share with you a glimpse of the world through a photographer’s eyes… in full color (NOT Black & White). Just to show you, in that colorful world around you, there is beauty and harmony in Black & White clearly visible in full color. All you have to do is pay attention and look deep.

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