The Quiet City of Darmstadt

The City of Darmstadt, a quiet and peaceful place. A city where the streets are eerily quiet and absolutely clean. Even when you see people around. It is an amazing experience to be in this city. I travelled to this place for work, meeting up with few clients of mine. This was before I was focused into photography. So, yes, all the pictures are from my phone. Not travelling with my Camera those days. But when you see the pictures, you will feel the quiet in the city.

The few people I met were a very friendly bunch of people. And the food, I love German food. I can live in this country and never get tired of it’s food. If you get a chance to travel to Germany, you must visit this quiet city of Darmstadt.

I did happen to witness a demonstration in the city centre, and oh so quiet it was as well. Here I am sharing with you some photography I did for my memories. I didn’t know then I will be writing this blog and sharing it with you all.

The Quiet City

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