Birds in Neighbourhood

There are many birds in my neighbourhood. You can say, for a nature photographer, it’s a blessing for me. Everyday, I see a new kind of bird I have never seen before in my life. Some are regulars, that live in my vicinity, or have nested in our home and garden. It’s an amazing feeling not easily described. Waking up every morning with a camera in my hand, being able to recognize the regular ones from the visiting ones. To name a few, the birds I have spotted so far are, Sparrows, Bulbuls, Teetars, Babblers, Coppersmith, Egrets, Crows, Parrots, Peacocks, Shikras, Ground Owls, White Barn Owl, Tailor birds, Mynahs, Eagles, Koyals, Pigeons, Green Pigeons, Lapwings, Herons, Blackbirds, Bluebirds, Kingfishers, and many I do not recognize yet and do not know their names.

Here are some random birds from the neighbourhood, regulars and visitors for you to see.

Beautiful Birds in Neighbourhood

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