Minimalistic Floral PhotoArt

Here is my next addition to minimalistic PhotoArt collection in Black or Gold. In this post, I am showcasing the flora from “The Valley”. A place that can never be over rated when they say, it is the paradise on Earth. Here’s the golden collection of the flowers that bloom and bring new life to the Himalayan valley, called Kashmir. The lilies, the roses, the wildflowers, and the colors that are endless shades of rainbow all around you.

As all my other minimalist photoart creations, the images you see are only suggested framing options for you to put them on your walls. if you have a better option, please go for it, after all, you admire it for the way you see it and appreciate it.

Let’s take a look now…

Head over to my online store here to pick your favourites. You can pick them up in Canvas prints or Paper prints, as per your choice. I offer them in rolled form, as I do not want them to be damaged during shipping. If you would like them to be in another color than Black or Gold, just drop in a message and I will work it out for you.


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