Minimalistic Birds of Himalayas

It was the first time in my life, watching these magnificent birds of Himalayas. I saw a crow dive into the lake to catch a fish like a kingfisher. The family of sparrows building their nests on a chinar tree, the blackbird singing with the mynahs. The ducks splashing and literally walking on water with their body perched high in air,  and many more mesmerizing moments I would remember forever.

In continuation to my PhotoArt collection in minimalistic form, here is the wide range of Golden collection of wall art straight from the valley of the Himalayas. It was a short but awesome trip, where I got to see these small beauties of the Himalayas chirping away on trees, lakes, bushes, and even the grounds.

The frames and their color are only suggestions. These are all available in my store for you to buy in prints, either on Canvas or Paper. I leave it up to you to mount and frame them as per your own choice. These artwork are available in 20″x25″ inches on canvas and 12″x15″ inches on paper.

To buy these artwork, head to my online store here, and choose your print.


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