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Hello friends! If you have been following my recent work, you would know I am working closely with Interior Designers and Decor partners to offer unique solutions to their customers. From original artwork, to my nature photography in original and in canvas prints of any size as required by the decor theme. My network of Interior designers in India and Overseas has been expanding exponentially. In recent days, I have introduced my new offering to my Decor partners in India. Each partnership, an exclusive partnership for unique designer wallpaper collection available only at their stores.

This month, I introduced Designer Wallpapers. What is so special about them you ask? Well, when you buy Wallpapers, you are given a catalogue to choose from, but, my offer, includes a lot more than that. Take a look at some unique, customizable, personalizable and awesome features of my…

Exclusive Designer Wallpapers:

  • Custom Size
  • Custom Colors
  • Multiple Variations
  • Custom Backgrounds
  • Personalized Designs
  • Framed Alternatives

Head over to my Designer Wallpaper Preview page to learn more in details about my exclusive offers through my partner network only. I am very selective about my Partners, not everyone or anyone that offers Decor Solutions. I am working with India’s Top Decor companies to bring this special offer to their customers.

Current wallpaper styles include:

Let me know what you think of these wallpapers, and contact me for more details or if you are looking for Framed Alternatives.

This is just the beginning!



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