Abstractly Expressed

Let me just begin by saying, I love painting. I have always explored new mediums and new techniques of painting throughout my life. I have painted with acrylics, water colors, with oil paints, with pencils, other mixed medias as well. My signature style of painting being with Strings and brushes, I call Fusion art. It is a unique style of painting which I have mastered over the years.

I have always been hesitant painting with knives, so when I did start, I enjoyed it so much, I just kept painting and did not bother to prepare them to be put online here on my website or on my stores. In the last 3-4 months, I managed to create 21 amazing artwork for you to enjoy.

Feeling very proud of this new collection, without taking more time, here are the paintings… leave your comment as to which one you liked the best.

These paintings are available in my Online store in original and prints. Take your pick.


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